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Well, this is awkward. I haven’t written an introductory post to a blog in over four years! If you’re one of my old readers, hello there friend – good to see your face around these parts. If you’re a new reader, thank you for swinging by to my little online happy place. If you’d like to know more about me, click here to catch up. I used to write over at Midlands Musings, a blog that started off being about the place I live(d) in and then gradually became a personal place where I spilled about so much more than the things to do and places to see on the Midlands Meander. Perhaps when I started that blog, I didn’t forsee it becoming as popular as it did or think that I would ever leave the Midlands. Looking back, I should have maybe called it something less area-restrictive, as now the time has come to pack our bags (and indeed, our entire house), load the dogs and cat into the car (lawd help us), and head south to the little city (town? I don’t even know yet) of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

The next few weeks are going to be pretty interesting. We have exactly seventeen days left to pack until we head off to the UK for two weeks to visit friends and family before pretty much heading straight down to our new home in the Western Cape on our return at the beginning of August. There are VISA’s to sort out, business branding to work on, farewells to say and piles of baggage (both physical and emotional) to get rid of before this all happens. So, of course, now would be a perfect time to introduce this new little home of mine on the interweb – just in case I didn’t have enough on my plate! Lol. But I’m so excited to settle right in here and get saggy-old-pyjama-bottoms comfy in my very new, but very familiar skin.

wildflower quoteFINALThe name we are the wildflowersΒ came from my love of wildflowers. I have been known to delay hikes with my desire to photograph every single little petal-fanned jewel I come across. I’m also obsessed with all quotes to do with wildflowers. The idea of something being free and unique and perhaps just a little off the wall is something that I can identify with. From the outset, I wanted this site to be as simple and clutter-free as possible. Somewhere along the way, Midlands Musings got lost in so many categories and pages that I got all tangled up too. This site will have three different categories and the subject matter will largely be about travel (wander), yummy plant-based food and wine (gastro), and of course my own ponderings on life as we go about muddling our way through it (stories).

I can’t promise to write every day. I can’t promise that I will always have something earth-shattering to share with you. I can’t promise that I will always write about pretty or agreeable things… but what I can promise you is honesty, perhaps a little sadness and hopefully, more often than not, tons of good fun and a whole lot of spirit. Welcome, welcome! xxxKB Lifestyle - Kate Martens Photography (279 of 487)Image by Kate Martens Photography

Thank you to Andrea and Nicola of Copperbird Media for creating and constructing this wonderful new online home for me. You girls are the best! X

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  1. So sad to be losing you two wonderful souls to the Cape, but we’ll have to take a trip out to Stellies when we’re next there. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures online!xxxx

  2. Welcome to your new “home” Safe travels on holiday and even more so when you take the long road to the Cape. Wishing you all the best for your new chapter

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