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south coast ekubo estateI’ve been craving the ocean for a little while now.  There’s something quietening about the enormity of a never-ending blue horizon. Something cleansing about dipping your toes in soft, foaming water.  Something soul-shaking about breathing in deep the scent of centuries past lost to salty sea air.

We stopped holidaying on the South Coast after my parents separated and I had forgotten how much I missed it and how many of my memories lie murmuring in its coves.  We used to stay at Peter Pan Place in Leisure Bay with about six or so other farming families from the Midlands.  Kids’ ages ranged from toddlers to newly-weds and there was always someone to hang out with, whether you wanted to go to the beach, catch a flick at Shelley Centre, float in the pool or play table tennis.  In our misspent youth, we frequented the infamous Backline Club at Margate and then, when we got older and lazier and less daring, we’d play pool at Sandy’s around the corner – all piled into the back of my brother’s Corsa bakkie to get there, of course.  My mom and dad and I would wake up early for long walks on the beach (this was post-party phase obviously) and then swim in the ocean in our walking gear before heading home for coffee and breakfast.  I used to go to the beach for the entire morning, swimming until my hair and skin was slick with sea salt, and then head home for lunch and a long lazy snooze.  Sundowners at the beach were followed by communal braai’s and drinks and chats in the vast gardens. Sometimes that ended up in skinny dipping… and then sometimes that ended up in getting caught skinny dipping.  Ah, those were the days.  We really were so lucky to have the childhood holidays that we did on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal.

I spent this weekend reminiscing about all of this, as well as reading, doing yoga, eating, sleeping and reading some more.  The weather wasn’t warm enough for tanning and I didn’t put my costume on once, although I did sit on the beach and dip my toes in the water at sunrise.  I didn’t go anywhere or plan to see anyone either.  Instead, I’m almost finished A Game of Thrones and a little rounder around the edges after indulging in a lot of dark chocolate under the covers while looking out onto the ocean.  No complaints there!  We have three full days left at home before our trip and we’re in Stellenbosch for two days this week finalising what will hopefully be our new home, so it’s looking to be a busy week and I’m so thankful for every moment I spent doing sweet eff-all this weekend… such bliss. My favourite kind of bliss.

south coast ekubo estatesouth coast ekubo estatesouth coast ekubo estatesouth coast ekubo estate south coast ekubo estatesouth coast ekubo estate south coast ekubo estatehttp://www.ekubocoastalestate.co.zaWe stayed at the beautiful Ekubo Coastal Estate in Leisure Bay.

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  1. Beautiful, my favourite kind of holiday too. Gorgeous photos that have me dreaming of a quite getaway on this gloomy monday morning. Good luck for the busy week ahead x

  2. I absolutely love the early morning pictures. And there definitely is no place like the South Coast. You blog is amazing. Have a lovely day.

  3. Wonderful Memories xxx that’s what makes it feel good! My holidays were in Ramsgate…..the old Crayfish Inn….the Shell shop in Margate…..the Palm Grove….. And tanning ’till we blistered and cooled it all down with ice-cream waffles xxxxx

  4. Keri, you have SUCH a way with words! They have the ability to transport me to places I’ve never even seen, and they instantly soothe and calm my slightly frazzled mind. Such a beautiful post – beautiful photographs, beautiful words. You are SO talented. Good luck for the mad week ahead – I am getting ridiculously excited at the prospect of FINALLY meeting you in a month’s time! Enjoy the UK – travel safe xxx

    1. Thanks my friend – that means so much 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you either! Whoop 🙂 #RhodesGirlsGoVegan xxx

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