you were lovely

you were lovely

Oh goodness it’s been almost a month since I checked into this little blog. Surprised to see I’m still racking up a few views every day.  I thought I should write the obligatory end of year post – you know, what 2015 has meant to me and what 2016 will hopefully hold for me.

I started off 2015 living in the KZN Midlands, the land of my birth and childhood. There was talk of moving; a need for change, a desire for a fresh place with fresh people and fresh ideas. I had very recently become vegan and I was still finding my way; I felt like life had become a little stagnant and the things I wanted to see and engage with were not within reach. I put a little prayer out to the universe, and after a lot of discussion, we decided on a venture in Amsterdam Cape Town. Before I knew it, the deal was done and we were to move to Stellenbosch in August. Although I do desire change, the actual process unsettles me, as I also happen to be a big creature of comfort and habit. And so 2015 consisted of a lot of nesting. A lot of reflection, a lot of breathing, and, let’s be honest, a lot of days spent in the safe cocoon of my bed as crazy changes happened all around me. I’m eternally grateful to my husband for being a do-er. And I’ve made peace with the fact (I think) that I’m the cleaner-upper and pretty-maker left in his wake.

In 2015, I

Moved across the country to a completely new city. In a car. With three dogs and a cat.

Packed up our entire house by myself whilst my husband was stranded in the UK.

Fed giraffe at a wildlife sanctuary… in York, of all places!

Started practising yoga regularly again after a three year hiatus and even managed a headstand (for like two seconds).

Learnt to be un-offendable.

Found my cooking feet again and made vegan errrrrythang, from “cheese”cake to “meat”balls.

Didn’t shut up about being vegan and won’t ever either!

Wrestled with the idea of writing this blog and putting my heart and words out there to the world (nothing new there).

Took a fuckload of pictures of my animals (well that’s a given).

Went to Edinburgh, York and Cambridge for the first time ever and was so lucky to visit Paris again… and I still want to go back over and over again.

Ate chocolate cupcakes with my loveliest friend, Andy, at a pub in London.

Learnt that if you feel uncomfortable around certain people or in certain situations, there is no shame in removing yourself from them/it. There are many other tribes who will welcome you with open arms.

Marched with students in Stellenbosch during the #FeesMustFall Campaign.

Cut my hair; cut a fringe; dyed it all purple.

Drank way more wine than I should have.

Watched four of my favourite couples commit themselves to each other for life.

Learnt again, every day, how both wonderful and tough marriage is.

Went camping and got tipsy with my little sister.

Enjoyed the stark beauty of one last Midlands winter.

Slept on a train for the first time.

Started sending postcards to people. Haven’t received any back yet though… No pressure, guys.

Got to really know my younger brother again. It’s so nice having family close by. Especially when your heart aches for your mama and papa bear.

Discovered that I (probably) won’t physically die if my house is a huge mess, boxes are still unpacked and everything is covered in dog and cat hair.

Met little Mali, Aiden, Finn and Gracie-Rose. Still to meet Cole, Connor and Hunter.

Had the best vegan burger of my life at Hank Vegan Burger in Paris. Oh, take me back!

Discussed having children again. Booked a trip to the USA next year instead.

Learnt to stand up for myself whilst simultaneously discovering that bullies come in all shapes, sizes, ages and genders.

Met Bryni, Ingrid, Chereen, Tash, Jody and Lynette in real life. And they are all more lovely than I imagined.

Contemplated taking on a rescue pig. Hatched a plan to start an animal sanctuary. Hatched another project… all of which will be coming in 2016!

I do not quite know what to aim for in 2016. Of course I have some goals I’d like to achieve, but they are not set in stone. If anything, I have learnt this year to take each day as it comes; to wring the fuck out of inspirational days and to breathe and dream through the mundane ones. I just hope that I come out alive, happy and in love with my life and all the people in it. And lastly, if I can continue living every day making the kindest choices I can in everything I do, I will be so very grateful.

Thank you for the year that was. Thank you for reading.

Kez x

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  1. Thank you for sharing so much your world and your beautiful writing and photography with us! I love reading it!
    Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy sweet 2016 that is filled with all that your heart desires!

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