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Autumn has settled into the trees, the soil and our early-morning foggy exhalations. For the first time in months, I feel at peace. I like the quiet that comes with winter; season is over, the grapes have been harvested, the tourists have flown north, things are slowing down and although I would love nothing more to do than hibernate, it is also time to explore this beautiful place of the world we now call home.  I’ve been feeling guilty for ages that I haven’t been for dinner at, or even seen, some of my closest friends’ homes yet.  Hell, I’ve lived here for nine months and I haven’t even been up Table Mountain for one bloody hike. My visions of farmers’ markets and cocktails on Camps Bay every weekend took a major back seat to the life and businesses we are carving out for ourselves here in the Stellenbosch winelands, and I’m starting to be okay with that. Having said that, we’re definitely going to be taking this lull period over winter to take time out for the two of us. It turns out that living and working with your husband on the same property doesn’t always mean that the time you spend together is quality time. If anything, it dampens the time at home, because in our line of work, someone could knock on your door at any second asking you to help them find their drunk wife or to warm up their bread roll in your oven (true stories… both of them). So, we’ve been given a kick up the proverbial backside by our chef and restaurant manager and a reassurance that everything will be ok while we’re gone for a few hours a week. Subsequently, we’re I’m planning on lots of date days and nights ahead this winter – probably just days for now though, because right now we can barely hold our heads up at night!

Today we went to Cosecha at Noble Hill for lunch. I’ve been there before for a solo drink and wanted to show Andrew the place and also try the food out. Also, I have been craving mexican food and guacamole lately and as it’s latin cuisine, it seemed like the perfect spot to try. Added bonus – it’s just down the road from us in case any of the kids needed us. Turns out they didn’t… who woulda thought? I loved guac before I went vegan, but I cannot explain the obsession now. It’s my crack and I will have it any which way. I love how the waiters at Cosecha personally smash and season your fresh avocado at your table with a pestle and mortar. Mashed in is also a sprinkling of tomato, spring onion, a little coriander, some spice and lemon juice. YUM. It’s practically a meal on it’s own!

Andrew had the chicken fajitas for mains and I had the roast vegetable quesadilla. I asked them to add some black beans to the mix, and they were happy to do so – just remember to ask the kitchen to leave off the cheese. Although this is literally the only vegetarian option on the menu, I was one happy vegan – it was delicious! We caught up whilst feasting and drinking, and took a little stroll to the dam. I also took loads of pictures, because I honestly think Cosecha must be one of the most stylish little eateries I have been to since moving here – although I may be biased due to my recent cactus problem. I’m currently on a finishing-detail-decor-mission for the restaurant, so I was mentally taking loads of notes! We eventually hobbled, fat and full, back to the car and finished off our date day with a very romantic sleep on the couch, Lulu’s rather guttural snoring providing the backdrop music to this passionate event. Perhaps we may need a little hibernation time, after all!

What are you planning on doing this winter? Hibernating? Starting an exercise programme? Reading actual books? Eating more mindfully? Exploring?

CosechaCosechaCosecha CosechaCosecha CosechaCosechaCosecha Cosecha Cosecha CosechaCosecha is located on Noble Hill Wine Farm, between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek on the Klapmuts-Simondium Road.
Call 021 874 3844 to book.
Prices are very reasonable and portions rather large! We were pleasantly surprised when our bill arrived!
Please note that not all of the Noble Hill wines are vegan as they use animal proteins such as egg whites and isinglass (fish bladders) in the fining process. Be sure to enquire first as the vintages are all processed differently according to harvest.

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