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The Thatch House

Remember those big old family holidays you used to go on with your aunties and uncles and cousins? The ones where all the parents were permanently intoxicated? Which, looking back now, you find totally understandable? Ah, those were the best days! A few weeks ago, we stayed the night at The Thatch House, a sprawling thatch villa located just outside of Hermanus on the R43 and overlooking the beautiful Klein River Lagoon. On entering the magnificent lobby and living area, I immediately thought of long family holidays and how much fun it would be to book out the entire villa for a getaway with all my siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and their various partners and children. With four luxury family suites and two garden luxury suites, the house can accommodate twelve adults and eight children – that’s twenty people all together! So, with the logistics underway, here are five of my favourite reasons to stay at The Thatch House:

It’s sooooo purdee

I never had a rich auntie with a mansion, but I imagine that if I did, her house would look like this. Words like spacious, luxurious, and even opulent, come to mind when you first explore the massive bedrooms, living area, games room and rolling green gardens. The great thing about The Thatch House though, is that while it’s all fancy finishes and posh polish, it’s also really cosy and homey. The couches are soft and expansive and on arrival I almost lost my soul in one whilst sipping on a delicious welcoming cocktail. The beds are huge and so comfortable and Sam and I made good giggling use of the enormous poufs in the tv room.

The Thatch HouseThe Thatch HouseThe Thatch HouseSpace Out

If you’re anything like me, your alone time is very important. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gathering of friends and fun banter… once a month. Family I can do a little more often, mostly because we share DNA and we still have to love each another EVEN IF SOMEONE FINISHES ALL THE SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS, but I still need my chilled down time – whether it’s to read my book in peace and quiet, do a little yoga, or have an undisturbed snooze. The walls and doors in The Thatch House are thick and sturdy, and once you close that door to your room, it’s peace and quiet all the way. Also, the bedrooms are so large you could probably hold a yoga retreat in them without anyone else in the house ever noticing. There are so many other nooks and crannies about the villa and the gardens, that the child in me automatically thinks of all the mischief my little cousins (if they’re anything like I was) could get up to without anyone noticing. There is an entire treehouse. WITH A BRIDGE. I mean, the mind boggles.

The Thatch House The Thatch HouseIt has a library

Need I say more? Ok. So, there is a landing above the living area which is filled with shelves brimming with books. From up there there is also a fabulous double view through massive glass windows of both the massive mountain behind the villa, as well as the lagoon which lies before it. It’s honestly breathtaking and I could see myself snuggled up there like I had already dreamed it before. Honestly, staying at The Thatch House, is one big dream.

The Thatch HouseSo many activities!

If you’re not like me, and you’re into adrenaline and sportsing and getting your hair wet, pack your cozzie and wetsuit and prepare to get wet and wild. Jump on the boat for a leisurely ride while you sip on champagne (pick me!) or take a whizz at skiing, wake boarding and tubing (don’t pick me – I’ll take photos). There are also kayaks that you can take out onto the lagoon, a putting green, two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, table tennis, a gym, a games room, tennis courts, trampolines and, of course, the huge tree house made up of childhood fun and fancy. If you’re keen to get out and about, The Thatch House is situated in close proximity to The Whale Route (visit between July and November to watch the beautiful southern right whales breed), the wine route (Hermanus is famous for it’s pinot noir – I recommend Newton Johnson’s), beaches, nature reserves, hiking trails, golf courses and art galleries. If you’re into little road trips, venture out to explore the restaurants and history of the neighbouring village of Stanford. There is honestly so much to do. If you take your kids, ban their iPads. There is no need for it. I promise.

The Thatch HouseThe Thatch HouseIn-house Chef

Last, but certainly not least, is the food. Of course, I was straight into the kitchen when I got to The Thatch House and it really is magazine-beautiful and equipped with everything you need should you choose to go the self-catering route. But…. if I were you, I would put my feet up and get the lovely in-house chef, Terry, to worry about the food. I mean, no one wants to spend their precious holiday time in the kitchen, right? Ok, yes, I am vegan, and I do like to cook and play and experiment with food, but Terry ¬†absolutely had me covered in that department and met all my dietary requirements deliciously well while I was there. If you’re not in the kitchen, you have more books to read. And more wine to drink. Sounds like a win to me!

The Thatch HouseThe Thatch HouseTo find out more, visit www.thethatchhouse.com and to book your stay, contact Terry on +27 (0)79 041 4149 or email bookings@thethatchhouse.com.

Please note: our stay at the The Thatch House was complimentary.

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