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I thought it was perhaps time I begin a kind of catch up – some things I’ve been up to, loving etc just so I can stay in touch with you guys. So often I think something, or see something, or use something, and I’m like – “I should write about this!” But then I forget about it or the baby cries and it’s gone. So here are some things i have been loving / doing / thinking lately:

reading – I am soooo back into books! I have swapped scrolling mindlessly through Instagram and obsessing about everyone else’s beautiful homes, perfect meals, skinny bodies and trendy clothes (things that are very hard to find the time and money to acquire when you’re a new mom) and instead I’ve downloaded Kindle to my phone and I am ripping through books, guys! I’m on my seventh book of year (I have also listened to another two on Audible) and I’m absolutely loving delving into new characters and worlds. A large part of my renewed love for reading and books can be directly attributed to this ahhhhmazing podcast I read about it in the Oh Comely magazine. It’s called “What Page Are You On and is presented by Alice Slater and Bethany Rutter, both of whom I am now kinda obsessed with! I’ve also joined Good Reads and I’m writing reviews on every book I read – mostly because it’s a nice way to look back and remember the book – and also because I love writing reviews (my husband thinks this is very nerdy). It used to be my favourite thing to do in English at school. I’m not sure if I’m any good at it anymore, but it’s fun. And I’m all about the fun this year!

body loving – before I had my baby, I was that girl who waxed lyrical about balance and self-love, whilst still maintaining very high standards of appearances for herself. I wouldn’t say I was obsessive about exercise or eating to look good, but it was definitely a big priority and I spent quite a bit of time on my physical self. I was also sooooo ashamed of what I thought was a flabby tummy (lol! it was flat as fuck compared to now), thick arms and wide shoulders. Now that I no longer have the time or chance to worry too much about what I look like, or whether I can fit in a yoga class and a run in one day (as well as make the biggest and healthiest salad in the world on top of that!), means that I have been forced to be kinder and more accepting of what I look like. I also have found blooming within myself a deep appreciation and love for my body and the bodies of other women – as imperfect and blemished as they may be. I am no where near what I used to look like, and although I can button up my old skinny jeans, there seems to be a lot more padding being tucked into them! Let’s just say I totally understand the appeal of mom jeans now. But I’m chill. The more I see other moms posting pics of their less-than-perfect (and what is perfect, anyway?) bodies and makeup-free faces on Instagram, the more I accept and fall in love with my own. I’ve coined it “momfidence” and I’m feeling so empowered by the fact that my body shows up every day, despite its lack of sleep, too many coffees and hurriedly eaten pieces of toast, to nurture, carry, soothe and love my beautiful baby girl. She’s such an awesome little kid that I must be doing something right! I go for a run when I can, meditate in new ways, and journal whilst she’s bouncing up and down in her jumper. And for now, that’s ok. Hopefully I can hold onto this tender appreciation of myself long after she can walk and talk and sleep through the night. Hopefully I can remember that I’m so much more than the sum of my bathroom scale and the size of my jeans pant.

the esoteric – well if you have been following me for a while, you will know i’ve always been a little witchy. I remember being so obsessed with Hocus Pocus when I was little that I wrote my own books of spells, had a little toy toad and used to ride branches around the school playground pretending it was a broom. I love tapping into the divine and spending time with my intuition. it’s so, so powerful to reconnect with your source and recharge your energy field. If you’re feeling light and good, it usually means the people around you will pick up on it and generally be cool to hang around with too. I’ve discovered an awesome little crystal shop down the road from us at Klein Joostenberg called Soul Crystals and I went and got Imogen her first crystal last week (a rose quartz, of course). The wonderful lady, Karen, who owns the shop, ran out after me and gave me a blue stone called Sodalite – telling me she felt I needed it and that it’s for the throat chakra. Of course as soon as I got home I did a full on search of the sodalite crystal and its healing properties and I was absolutely blown away by how I so badly needed every single property. I need help with communication. I need help with getting back in touch with my intuition. When I was pregnant and had all the time in the world to meditate and read and do yoga, I was fully tapped into all of the above. But mama life means i rarely get a chance to do a yoga and mediation session. I’m often functioning on little sleep, too much caffeine and, to be frank, frazzled nerves. I seem to bounce between moments of inspiration and effective communication, to taking everything personally, rolling up into a little ball and hiding myself (and my voice) from the world. Hopefully a little more throat chakra energy, sage burning and journalling will help keep me in a steadier flow.

Spier – yes the wine farm. I know it’s probably not very hipster and all, but we are there almost every weekend. In fact, I would go there every day if I could – largely because it’s kiddy-friendly, vegan-friendly, the staff are friendly and the grounds are just so damn beautiful. I love that we can pick up what we want from the Farm House deli without having to order an entire (and usually, over-priced) picnic basket of things I usually can’t eat. I have yet to come across vegan picnic basket in the Winelands that isn’t completely half-arsed  and over-priced (although Warwick’s aren’t too bad). Giving a vegan a fruit salad for dessert is just lazy. I want carrot cake! I want chocolate brownies! I want chocolate chip cookies! And Spier provides all of this – as well as a bunch of yummy salads, breads, olives and of course, affordable and delicious wine. They also make yummy coffee and provide both soya and almond milk for your cappuccinos. You can rent blankets, baskets and ice buckets if you forget yours at home and you don’t usually need to prebook as the picnicking space is so huge. I see the Farm House also does pizzas now so I’m keen to try that soon. Probably this weekend! Ha. We have also eaten at Eight which was also so great and the food was top top class. Hats off to whoever trains the Spier staff – you are doing an amazing job! We always feel so welcome, even with eating preferences, pram and a basket of toys in tow. And isn’t that what really matters?

have a wonderful week,


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  1. Keri, much as you love Spier now…you’re going to love it more as I gets bigger, and runs around. It is one of the best spots to take a busy toddler and grown-up childless friends.

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