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Well, bloody finally! After a bit of a whirlwind trip to the UK just before which I had released the first episode of my podcast, Walking With Wildflowers, I have (at last) managed to sit down, record, edit and publish the second episode. I had this idea that the second episode would be a vast improvement on the first, but alas, after three separate recordings, wind and traffic tearing up the background noise, and time passing too quickly, I think you will find this episode just as raw as the first. But it’s the content that counts, right? And the content in this episode is a fairly sensitive one (good idea, Keri, get stuck right in, why don’t you?) and I get rather personal about my relationship history with my body (think early childhood self criticism, chubby teenage angst, a slightly obsessive bout of dieting and exercise in university and a restrictive bikini body journey) and how becoming vegan was a blessing in disguise for my attitude towards food and dieting.

I chat about how over the last couple of months I’ve really started focusing on trying to accept my new mama body (it’s a process) and how following some real ladies on social media with zero skaam has made me realise that it’s time to start letting go of judging my own body and the bodies of others. I want to live life celebrating my body and the all the things it can do whilst making peace with my voracious feminine appetite. I want all the cake, and all the fun and all the sex and food and wine and chocolate and dancing and playing and creating! I discuss the magic we can all make collectively as women if we focus our attention away from achieving the “ideal” female body type and shifting it towards following our dreams and life purpose and living in a way that is kind to both ourselves and other women. Imagine the power and change we could create it if we stopped judging and controlling our outward appearance and started supporting each other? Imagine the freedom we could bless both our sanity and our daughter’s futures with? Oh lady loves, we could move mountains and part seas!

To listen, search Walking with Wildflowers on iTunes or simply click play below. Enjoy!

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    1. Of course I knew! I was ADDICTED. I went to the library and took out every available book from every series. I read Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, High AND University haha.

  1. Thank you for sharing this!! I have been having such a heavy head week about wanting to get “back on track”. And really really enjoyed listening to this.

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