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Dani De Souza

In this episode, I’ve switched things up a bit and have roped in my lovely fellow vegan friend, Dani De Souza, to chat about being vegan mamas and our decision to raise our daughters vegan. I did, at first, attempt to record this episode on my own, but it is such an emotional topic for me that I got both tongue-tied and side tracked –  A LOT!  I called my friend and fellow vegan mama blogger, Dani, to ask if she was free and up for a little chat – and luckily, the stars aligned: her little Georgia Luna was down for the night and her husband, Warren, was out for drinks with colleagues! Within forty minutes, and despite the six hour time difference (Dani lives in Singapore), we had figured out a way to record our chat (thanks Facebook for having the only clear phone line) and were jabbering away! In this episode, we discuss everything from how we handle taking our little girls to kiddies’ birthday parties, whether we take any supplements, how you almost have to become an unqualified nutritionist after going vegan, and the unfounded bad rap the humble soya bean gets. You also get treated to my husband walking in on our chat about halfway through to ask for our car keys! Raw and real, baby, raw and real! You can listen to the podcast by searching Walking with Wildflowers on iTunes or by clicking play on the media file below.



Please check the show notes for further insight into our chat. Also, after you’ve all listened to the podcast and feel ready and safe to feed your little ones lots of yummy plant-based meals, you’ll be delighted to know that I have a special on my vegan lifestyle book, A Guide for Wildflowers, this week! I use so many of the recipes in the guide to feed Imogen toddler-friendly meals – from creamy morning oats to chickpea mayo sandwiches, tomato and rosemary lentil soup, and our personal favourite, vegan mac and cheese! Use the promo code “VEGANMAMA” to get 20% off your copy! Thanks for listening and please remember to subscribe, rate and review this podcast and share this episode with anyone you feel it may resonate with.

Find Dani here:

Instagram: @danielle.desouza
Twitter: @danidesouza_
Blog: DaniDeSouza.com


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