Veganism Is Not About Perfectionism – with Bryni van der Merwe


In today’s episode, I chat to Bryni van der Merwe – a true light in my life! I’m not sure how or when we first started following each other on Instagram, but what I do know is that after I went vegan back in December 2014, and after sharing it on my social media, Bryni was pretty much the first person to reach out and be like, “me too – I wanna be vegan! Show me your ways!” From that moment we were friends for life… and then, when I moved to Cape Town, we eventually met in real life and started our own “weird vegan cult members” whatsapp group – which has grown and grown in numbers to include happy little vegans from all around the world!

Bryni is a private flight attendant who lives in Cape Town and Nigeria and spends a lot of time travelling the world for work. She also happens to be ridiculously good looking and takes amazingly beautiful photographs of her travels which she shares on her Instagram account – you should follow her, if you don’t already! In this episode, we chat about everything from our intertwined vegan stories to zero waste, menstrual cups, dating non-vegans, why associating veganism with perfectionism is pretty pointless, and how just doing the best you can every day, with the knowledge and resources you have, really is the only way to change the world. Click play below to listen now!


Find Bryni – on Instagram: @bryni

App Mentioned: Happy Cow

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  1. Wow Keri. This was a great listen. Your guest is super informative and super chilled and her message really resonated – loved the point about modelling veganism and the connection and message that is conveyed through that. So much respect for you both. Any links that really affected you guys that I fould check out? Also, any tips for being vegan in this jut town where there is so little healthy produce available? Lol. Hope you are well. You sound so happy 🙂

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