Beauty, Baby Blues and Moving to the Bundus with Chereen Strydom

Chereen Strydom

Hello everyone and welcome to the eighth episode of Walking With Wildflowers! Today I’m chatting to Chereen Strydom, a freelance writer, beauty blogger and fellow lover of all things moon and magic. I’ve known Chereen for a few years now – we connected over social media and blogging back when I first started blogging and when I moved to Cape Town in 2015, she was one of the very first people I made a point of meeting up with! We have become firm friends since and Chereen is such a great support in my life – professionally, emotionally and “Motherly” (is that even a word?). In this episode, Chereen opens up about the tough year she has had, her family’s decision to move back to Somerset West after a year in Johannesburg, and how and why they have now suddenly found themselves in the tiny country village of Greyton! We also chat about trying to find balance as a mother and freelancer, coping and managing living life with depression and being open with your kids about your menstrual cycle. I do hope you enjoy!

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Instagram: @forthebeautyofit
Facebook: For The Beauty of It
Twitter: Chereen Strydom

This episode was sponsored by Colleen Van Heerden of Healing Your Spirit.

Edited and Produced by Siobhan Lumsden

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  1. Wow I am not a mother but yes I went through the similar process as Mrs chereen strydom because my mom had her last born when I was 14 so I treated my baby sister as my first born. I definitely loved the part where by you discussed your personal experience on how they treat us girls at school when we are on our periods. Thank for everything and thank you for sharing your personal experiences as well as your mental health experience.

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