Embracing the Bleed – Amy Keevy on Menstruation, The Female Body, Creativity & Social Media as an Instrument for Change


Hi and welcome to another episode of Walking with Wildflowers. Today I chat to Amy Keevy, the brand curator behind successful South African jewellery studio, Dear Rae, and brilliant artist in her own right. Amy is also the designer and illustrator behind La Luna La Femme – a moon journal and it’s been so amazing having her beside me on this journey to creating our beautiful monthly moon journals for women. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, and have no idea what I’m talking about, back in November, Amy and I, along with astrologist, Michelle McClunan, launched a journal designed specifically to help women track their natural cycle and harness the energy of the lunar cycle to set intentions and create abundance in their lives. We’ve had such great fun with our moon journals and our recent quarterly print run was a huge success, which we hope to repeat again. In this episode, I talk to Amy about art and creativity, working for herself and collaborating with others all whilst holding down a day job, how important social media can be for small brands, the female body, menstrual cycles and, of course, the moon! I do hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!


Show Notes

Books, powders and art mentioned in the show:

Maca powder
Amy Keevy Studio
The Vulva Gallery on Instagram
The Great Wall of Vagina by Jamie McCarthy
“That” Facebook Ad

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