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rise and shine sisterhood coaching course

Isn’t it funny how synchronicity works? Last year I felt a deep need and desire to see a life coach, or do some kind of life-coach training, or perhaps even become a life coach. I googled and googled, asked advice, was given some recommendations, googled some more, and eventually gave up. There were so many options! It became clear to me that as much as I wanted to see a life-coach, or study to become one, I did not have the funds to do so. I put it out to God and the universe through a New Moon Intention Setting ceremony that I would like some kind of coaching in my life, trusting that the right path would open up to me.

A few days later, I had an email from Transformational and Executive coach, San Silbernagl, asking if I would like to be a part of her upcoming six month transformational course for women called Rise & Shine. I couldn’t believe it! As you can imagine, within minutes, I was voice-noting all my friends about this incredibly quick manifested intention! There is such magic to be made in simply putting your desires out there.

As it happens, San is someone who was actually recommended to me by my friend, Milena, a few months previously. Milena made it crystal clear how amazing San was and that I should really try and hustle to get a session with her, as she is often booked up for months in advance. Which, of course, she was! It turns out that it was San’s lengthy waiting list which inspired her to begin this six-month course so that she could reach groups of women at the same time – all whilst providing them with the proven and powerful material she has spent years honing and collecting in her experience as a successful Executive Coach.

It became obvious to me whilst chatting to San that she wanted to break past the limiting time constraints of one-on-one client sessions so that she could reach out and guide more women towards greater self confidence and self expression. If you’re tired of playing small, of hiding your authentic self from the world (or maybe you don’t even know who your authentic self is), if you’re afraid of showing up fully, or if trying to be the perfect mom, wife, girlfriend, sister or good girl has you feeling exhausted and lost… then this course is for you!

San gave me a glimpse into the course, and let me tell you that just that little sneak peek had my skin raised in goosebumps. If you’ve been following me and peeking into my inner brain workings over the last year or so, you will know that after I became a mother, I started peeling away at the layers of conditioning that I have created since I was a child. Layers of perfection and deception, inadequacy and self-monitoring, and all those other things which keep us women safe and wrapped up tightly in our neat little perfectly shaven, floral-scented boxes. My greatest desire for my own little girl is for her to really and truly know and love herself in all her quirky beautiful uniqueness, and in doing so, give herself, and her fellow human beings the gift of her natural talents and abilities. To do this for my daughter, I’ve had to slowly start looking within to see where and when and how these conditioned layers began with me in my own life… when did I begin to give over my freedom as a child of universe to the constraints and expectations of “society”?

I have done much of this inner work by myself and have recently begun to study something so wonderfully illuminating (I will be delving into this soon, I promise – keep posted!) which I feel may truly give me the chance to step into my next authentic role in this lifetime. And so San’s course could not begin at a better time! I feel like I’m on the cusp of something life-changing for myself and so many people around me, and I really want to make sure that I step into this power fully and wholly, showing up as my highest expression of self. With modules like “Reclaim Your Scattered Power and Energy” and “Turning Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Support“, I have no doubt that the Rise & Shine Sisterhood Course came into my life at this time to help lead me down the right path to fully embracing this woman that I am becoming.

If you’d like to join me in embarking on this magical journey beginning on the 1st of March, head on over to the Rise & Shine page to find out more and sign up for the course! San has also offered my readers a 30% coupon code off their first month – use the code WILDFLOWERS on checkout to claim it. Hopefully I will be seeing some of you in the Sisterhood community forum – maybe we will even be paired up as Sister-buddies! It’s going to be magical!

Find out more >> Rise & Shine Sisterhood Course

** San will be available for the duration of the six month course on Skype, Whatsapp, email and the private Sisterhood community forum to help guide us on this course and answer all our questions. I cannot wait to finally work with such a great resource and wonderful soul – miracles, you can keep coming at me, thank you!**


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