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After over a year of planning and ummming and aaahing, I am finally ready to launch my first Human Design Reader Course! I’ve been doing readings since 2019 and have been blessed to read hundreds of beautiful human design charts from all over the world. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had many past clients ask me if I would be willing to teach them how to read human design charts in the specific way that I do. Last year, I had my first guinea pig student and absolutely loved sharing my knowledge with her. But I’ve been sitting on this knowledge and these lectures for quite a while now, nervous to push myself off the proverbial cliff and fly with this launch.

This is not a course I’ve “channelled” or “downloaded” from spirit or the gods, but the result of years of hard work, study, practice and responding to suggestions and enquiries around me. Honestly, the only thing that’s been holding me back from launching this course, is self-doubt. As a 5/1 profile line in Human Design, other people usually see me as rather capable and insightful – but my biggest block in the world is ME! Having this awareness has helped me understand this doubt and also push me to finally make this leap. And of course I’m nervous! As a 5/1 profile line, there is always that little niggle: what if I don’t know everything there is to know about Human Design? But as I keep reminding myself, I have done the training, I have read the books and on a practical level, I’ve learnt so much through my client work over the last few years, as well as through obvserving my own, my friends and my family members’ designs in their lives. Human Design, as Ra, its creator, has always said, is an experiment and I’ve been experimenting with it for years now. I’m so ready and so excited for this next stage. I’m so ready to meet my students in a space of vulnerability and curiosity and fun and joy to share everything Human Design!

I’m keenly aware now, after years of doing this, the holes that I received in my own training, especially regarding the practical side of doing readings, as well as the importance of learning how to manage your client’s, and your own mental health, before and during sessions. This includes being aware of privilege, bias, toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing, something the spiritual and wellness world is awash with and an awareness of which that was neglected during my own training. It’s not all kombucha and sun salutations out there in the real world – trust me! And I feel it’s so important to bear this in mind when interacting with clients.

You might not know this about me, but I’m also a qualified high school teacher (hello Investigator line) and I love teaching others! I’m not going to be the human design teacher who simply sends you slides and manuals and video clips and leaves you to figure it out for yourself. I want my students to have a line of communication with me and be able to ask questions. I want them to leave the course feeling confident enough to start readings straight away and I also hope to build a little community of Human Design Readers who can support and hold space for each other too.

So, all of this to say, if you love Human Design and have seen the benefit it has added to your life, and would love to read charts for others, or simply want to have an in-depth study into the system, then this course is for you. It is a more teacher-led, hands on course so there will be six online lectures with me consisting of six modules, as well as a practical assignment before you receive your certification. As part of the course, I will also be giving each student a sixty minute reading in the style that I like to do it – although of course, everyone will create their own style of reading once they begin their own client work.

So what does this course entail? Let’s get into it:

Module One:

Introduction to Human Design
The ethics behind reading for others – looking at privilege + toxic positivity + spiritual bypassing in spiritual and wellness spaces – with guest speaker Mayuri Govender
The boundaries between a reading and therapy – with guest speaker psychotherapist Andrea Graf
The Energy Centers
The Five Energy Types and their Strategies 

Module Two:

The Authorities
Not-Self and Signature emotions
The Four Arrows

Module Three:

The 12 Profiles – looking at the lines and Archetypes of the Hexagram

Module Four:

The 64 Gates of Truth

Module Five:

The 36 Channels – looking at our Energetic Gifts

Module Six:

Incarnation Crosses
How to Structure A Reading

The price of the course is $1500 and spots are limited to ensure that I can be as available and present as I can for my students. For the first week of the course launch, I will be running a special price of $1250. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss a payment plan. There is also a pay-what-you-can spot available, so please email me at if you would like to apply with a motivational letter. If you’d like to explore payment plans, also feel free to pop me a mail and we can discuss options that would work for you. The course will start on the 28th of April 2023, with one online lecture a week, every Friday morning (this could change to a Saturday morning if it suits everyone better) at 10AM UK time, for six weeks. If you’re unable to attend one of the lectures, a video recording will be sent to you. I’m looking so forward to getting to know you and sharing everything I’ve learnt on my Human Design journey with you!

This course is for you if:

  • You would like to learn more about Human Design for your own benefit and the benefit of yourself and your family
  • You would like to learn about how to read charts from a Human Design Reader with years of experience
  • You would like to make a career out of reading Human Design for others
  • You would like 1:1 contact and interaction with your Human Design teacher
  • You would like to learn how to practically hold a safe space for others while conducting their reading for them

To join the course, please click the link below:

Join my Human Design Reader Course

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